The Preaching Cave – Chilling in the Sunshine

After a changeable day wandering round North Glen Sannox, we woke to glorious sunshine – perfect for the two walks we had planned.  First up, would be the Preaching Cave at Kilpatrick.

We found the parking spot – a small grassy area with room for a handful of cars just off the A841 (OS grid reference NR 902 268).  Across the road, we noticed a signpost indicating the footpath so we made our way through the gate.  The bramble lined track was heading straight toward the sea and Rowan indulged in some blackberries (from above dog wee height) as we strolled.  Further along, a small stream crossed the path and after a bit of Crystal Maze-esque problem solving, we all got across with dry feet.

1- IMG_7411

After about quarter of a mile, we were at the beach.  Looking left we could see the village of Blackwaterfoot, hugging the coastline with Drumadoon Point and the forest of Tor Righ Beag beyond.  However, we needed to turn right and, while the pack of mutts took everyone else along the footpath, Rowan and me opted to walk along the rocky beach for a short time.

4 - IMG_7420

It only took about fifteen minutes of sauntering before we reached the Preaching Cave – the middle of three the tucked in beneath the grey, grass tufted rocks.  As well as being used as the parish school, the cave was a meeting place for sermons between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries.  During the 1843 Disruption in the Church of Scotland, villagers would attend services at the cave rather than attend the parish church.

After exploring the cave, we found a place to sit and have some dinner – Rocky and Pebble claiming the best flat rock for themselves, stretching out and giving us their best “give me food” faces.  We ate our sandwiches, avoiding eye contact with the mutts by looking out over the Kilbrannan Sound. 

I love our big, day adventures or getting out for a run, but sometimes it’s just nice to sit and chill.  The warmth of the sun was relaxing and Rowan was finding interesting rocks to write on pencil messages and hide.  Even Pebble managed a snooze.

Good job she did as we had another walk planned further round the island.  I bet she thought we were done for the day as we walked back to the car to drive further round the island for our next port of call – King’s Cross Point. 

This walk had been less than a mile, there and back, but it was a lovely spot.  If you fancy visiting the Preacher’s Cave, you can find the route here.

16 - IMG_20190819_171256

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