The Rest of Arran –Scotland in Miniature

With its dramatic mountain scenery to the north, and rolling green fields in the south, Arran is said to be Scotland in miniature.  The A841 circumnavigates the island in 55 miles and there is lots to look out for along the way, whether you have ten minutes or a couple of hours.  Below are some of the many other things we enjoyed whilst out and about on our honeymoon.

Lochranza Castle

 After driving on the A841, through the stunning Glen Chalmadale, with the mountains meeting the sea ahead of us, we dropped into Lochranza, a little village in the north of Arran.  There, standing on the edge of the loch was Lochranza Castle.  We pulled over at its perfect location to explore.


The original building dates from the late the 1200, early 1300s with further renovations completed in the 1500s.  As we walked towards the castle, we were surprised to find the metal gate open, inviting us in to explore.  We had a good look around, climbing stairs and peering into all the dark corners with a torch before combing the gravel beach of the loch.


Boat Tour

My sister bought is a brilliant wedding present – a wildlife and sight-seeing boat tour round Arran with Ocean Breeze.  Unfortunately, we left it too late to for all of us to book a place.  The only day available while we were on the island had just two places remaining, so Rick and Rowan donned their waterproofs and life jackets and sped out of Lamlash harbour on a power boat.  They came back a couple of hours later looking very windswept and invigorated having had a great time taking in Holy Island and Pladda from the sea, and spotting sea life, including seals



Seals are not the only fascinating creatures around Arran.  There have been sightings of basking sharks, minke whales, a humpback whale and an unlikely partnership of a dolphin and porpoise (apparently they don’t normally get on) in the waters around Arran.  We saw seals, but no whales or sharks.  We did however, have a red squirrel visit our cottage every morning, and spent some time lay on the ground watching the red deer that roam around Lochranza.

Out and About

 As you’d expect from an island, there are lots of beaches.  Whilst driving round, were we able to pull over at many different places, simply to have a stroll by the sea.

Most spots were so quiet, we were the only people there and the dogs enjoyed having a run and getting their paws wet.

We also spied a replica Viking longship in a small harbour in Corrie.


Sunsets and Open Fires

 Out cottage was on the quieter western side of the island.  This meant that most nights, we witnessed a beautiful sunset over the Kilbrannan Sound.


And every night, we had the log fire rocking, making the dogs sleepy in their beds, and Rowan so warm he had to eat his tea in just his underpants.  We really had a fab time in Arran and can’t wait to go back later this year.  You can find out more about what Arran has to offer by heading to Visit Arran.

Exploring the Landscape

5 thoughts on “The Rest of Arran –Scotland in Miniature

  1. Hi Lauren

    I loved reading all your posts about the Isle of Arran. My favourite place too and it’s nice to read about it through your eyes and words.

    I can feel your passion about the outdoors and history in your words, brilliant posts!

    Dawn-Marie 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh wow, I loved this post, I felt very content by the end seeing your cosy fire. Those sunsets are just stunning and there is just so much to see. I bet they loved the wildlife boat tour. Thank you so much for sharing all your posts about Arran, it’s provided a lot of inspiration!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Lauren. 🙂
      It’s a beautiful place. Well worth a visit as it definitely has a bit of everything.
      The log fire was so nice. Was a bit worried about the dogs burning their noses, but they just chilled out like the rest of us.


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