Brothers Water – Chilling by the Water


Our first weekend away in Tormund proved to be extremely lucky with the weather.  After a brilliant day out exploring Birkhouse Moor and Red Tarnand a surprisingly comfortable night in the van, we woke to warm sunshine and wisps of cloud in the blue sky.  We had already decided to take it easy on the Sunday so after a bit of a lie, we started the day with a breakfast of kings in the fresh air.



Wanting to stretch our legs before we took our home on wheels back to Manchester, we decided to stroll from Sykeside camping park to Brothers Water.  As we passed through the gate at the back of the camp site, we spotted the blue slither of the lake, nestling under Hartsop above How to one side and the Far Eastern Fells on the other.  We crossed Kirkstone Beck and after passing to the back of some farm buildings, we turned right to pick up the trail.


The clear, easy path led past fields full of sheep into the dappled shade of the trees and clutches of wild garlic.  Rowan led the way, walking his furry girl Pebble as she veered from one side of the path to the other, following whatever took the fancy of her snuffling dog nose.

After a short time, we could see through the trees on our left that we were strolling alongside the lake.  We walked further to find an easy break in the tree line that would allow us alongside the water, and what a view!

As we looked back in the direction of the campsite, we could see Middle Dodd standing proud, the A592 snaking its way to the Kirkstone Pass alongside.  The clouds floating across the sky rippled on the surface of the clear waters and across the lake, we could see the rocky gullies around Gray Crag and beyond that, the Knott. It was a perfect spot to stop and relax in the sun.


We spent a good while relaxing and exploring beside the lake.  Pebble chilled with Rick (she’s such a Daddy’s girl) whilst Rocky rolled around and got his paws wet.  Rowan climbed amongst boulders and tree trucks and we found the most amazing tree – its exposed roots seemingly creating a gnarled shelter for some magical woodland creature.


Eventually, we started the walk back along the same path – but not before decided that we would have our tea by the water when we next returned.  This was a short walk of about two miles, along a pushchair friendly path – if you like the look of it, you can find a map here.


The Helpful Hiker

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