Whitby, Day Three – To Robin Hood’s Bay

My last post on our trip to Whitby will be much shorted than I anticipated.  I had planned a visit to the Dinosaur and Fossil Museum in Robin Hood’s Bay, then a walk across the clifftops to Boggle Hole and back again along the beach.  However, waking up for our last, fun filled day, I found myself pretty poorly, so the walk was out of the question.

We packed the car ready to leave then decided to see what we could salvage of the day.  Rowan, seemingly addicted to boat trips, wanted one last voyage before we set off for home.  This time, we opted for the Old Lifeboat.  This lifeboat served in Whitby for 36 years between 1938 and 1974, saving 201 lives before being retired.  Since 1989, the Old Lifeboat has been taking visitors for pleasure trips.  (You can find out more here).  We certainly had a brilliant time and I don’t think I could tire of the view of Whitby from the sea.


After a bite to eat and some ice cream for Rowan, we drove the short distance to Robin Hood’s Bay.  We parked at the top car park, and after an altercation with the car parking machine (thank you to the man who helped me get my ticket – I blame being poorly) we walked down the steep road to the beach.  On the way down, we spotted the Dinosaur and Fossil Museum, complete with velociraptor skeleton in the window, but by this point, we only had about an hour before we had to head back, so we continued down to the beach.

What a beautiful bay!  Being the summer holidays, and a gorgeous day to boot, the beach was very busy, but it was an explorers dream.  The Yorkshire coastline is brilliant for fossil hunting, and there were a multitude of rock pools to explore.  We spent the hour just peering into pools of water to see what we could find.  We didn’t come away with any fossils, but we did manage to amass a collection of shells.

Before long, it was time to make our way back, this time to Manchester, so we climbed the steep road back to the car, stopping for sweets for the journey and to watch a bee going about his business.  I was glad we’d made the effort to get outside despite feeling unwell, as I know it did me the world of good.


We had a brilliant time during our mini break in Whitby and will definitely be back again!

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8 thoughts on “Whitby, Day Three – To Robin Hood’s Bay

  1. Robin Hood’s Bay is beautiful but unfortunately we visited not long after my Mum’s hip replacement, the tide was in and the dinosaur museum closed! I had a brief mooch down the hill myself but we mainly played on the swings at the top to be near Grandma. No altercation with the ticket machine though! #AdventureCalling

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  2. Great photos! It looks like you made the most of your trip, even if you didn’t feel 100%. it’s always worth making yourself go outdoors, even when poorly. The beach looks fab, I always love some time by the sea. Thanks so much for sharing #AdventureCalling

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