Jurassic Kingdom at Phillips Park – DINOSAURS!

So this post is a bit different to previous ones, but we had too good a day to leave it out.  My previous posts have been about some of our adventures in the countryside but the common theme is getting outside.  Last weekend we spent the afternoon getting outside, exploring Phillips Park and its new inhabitants – the dinosaurs!!!

What’s not to love about dinosaurs?  One of my favourite films is Jurassic Park.  I still jump every time the velociraptor breathes on the kitchen door.  Rowan also loves dinosaurs, so when I heard about Jurassic Kingdom, there was no doubt that we would be going.


We’d kept it secret from Rowan, just telling him that we were going for a walk in the park.  Luckily, my constant singing of the Jurassic Park theme tune in the week running up to it didn’t give the game away (not that I was excited or anything).  Nor did the scores of children carrying dinosaur toys walking away from the park having finished their visit.

We arrived around 1 o’clock and, as suggested on the tickets, parked at Manchester City’s ground then made the five minute walk to Phillips Park.  As Rowan stepped into the park, he was gobsmacked.  DINOSAURS!!!  After admiring the triceratops at the entrance and pretending to be a baby dinosaur popping out of an egg, then spotting thee head of a tyrannosaurus popping through the trees, he literally dragged us to the entrance.


Once through the gates we were able to look at all the dinosaurs on display.  Each had a plaque with some information about the dinosaur, so we were able to pass on snippets to Rowan, though how much he took on, I have no idea.  He was just so excited to see them all.

The tyrannosaurus had a few younger children a bit scared as he was huge and he didn’t just stand there – he moved and roared as well.  Rowan was a little nervous too, but after threatening to feed him to the T-Rex, the nerves disappeared and he was on with exploring, and there was lots to discover.

Wandering round the park, we found spinosaurus, velociraptors, brachiosaurus and pterosaurs to name just a few.  They all made noises and moved in some way (I’d just managed to get my head out of one’s mouth in time).

There was also a sand pit where children could dig up a dinosaur fossil which I thought was brilliant.


And we could resist taking a ride on the triceratops on wheels, though I have to admit, pushing Rowan round rather than scooting round with him might have been a bit easier on my legs, but definitely not as much fun.  Part of the path was slightly uphill but this also meant that I could enjoy the downhill with my feet up on the way back.


We spent about three hours at Jurassic Kingdom and thoroughly enjoyed it.  The big beaming grins as we walked round said it all.  The exhibition is on Manchester for another week until 23rd July, after which it moves to Blackpool, Glasgow, Newcastle and Leeds.  For more information or to buy tickets online have a look here.  You could also give discount code TREX20 a try for 20% off.

The Helpful Hiker

6 thoughts on “Jurassic Kingdom at Phillips Park – DINOSAURS!

  1. I’d love to be able to say that our little boy would love this, as he’s nuts about dinosaurs. However, when Chester Zoo had a dinosaur exhibition he cried – he was terrified of them. And yet, at home with his toys or if they’re on the TV, he can’t get enough. Weird! This looks great though and I think even if he didn’t, I would enjoy it. Thanks for joining us on #adventurecalling . I hope you can again when it opens tomorrow morning.

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  2. I remember queuing round the block at the cinema to see Jurassic Park. It’s a brilliant film, although the bit in the kitchen scares me too! This looks like an amazing day out. I would be so excited-although I think that Finn might be a bit scared (strange child!). I like the idea of digging for fossils, bet all the children loved it. Thanks for sharing with us #AdventureCalling

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