The Watkin Path – Plan B

During the October half term holidays, we had a plan to get up early and head to the Pen-y-Pass car park on Snowdon.  We were going to take in the lakes along the Miner’s Track, have a picnic and head back, dependant on how far Rowan’s legs fancied walking.  We knew we would have to get up early as the car park fills up quickly, but knowing, 1. How popular a walk Snowdon is and 2. How rubbish we are at getting up super early, we had a plan B.  Now there is the option of the Snowdon Sherpa, a bus that can take you from other car parks and villages round the foot of Snowdon to the Pen-y-Pass, but the thought of taking our ruffing furry pair on a bus wasn’t appealing.  When we arrived at the car park, nowhere near early enough, plan B – the Watkin Path, was put into action.

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