Lakeland Trails Marathon!

Sitting at home, with half term ideas scuppered due to the ongoing broken ankle, Rowan decided he was no longer so scared of Gollum and would like to watch Lord of the Rings.  The scenery in the film is beautiful, and I am finding that every time I watch ANYTHING with mountains and trees (including Minecraft!), I feel a pull to the outdoors.  I was much like Bilbo – I wanted to see mountains again, and go on adventure.  As we watched Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli chase down the Uruk-hai, Rowan turned to me and said, “Don’t worry Mummy, you will be able to do that again soon” and watching Gimli’s little legs bringing up the rear, I was reminded, not only of how ace my little lad is, but of my biggest running adventure earlier this year – Lakeland Trails Marathon.  I decided it was about time I wrote that one up – so grab a brew, it’s a long one.

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