Fallen Rocks – Where’s Pebble?

One of the great things about Arran is just going for a drive and pulling in to different places to see what is there.  I suppose that can be the same anywhere really.  After a morning spent at Kildonnan looking for seals, we decided to drive round the island, pulling in wherever we fancied.  It was getting late when we drove into a picnic area at North Sannox.  It was a gorgeous spot.  After messing around for a while at the spot where North Sannox Burn enters the sea, we decided we head back to the cottage for some tea.  Before we left, I checked the information board and noticed that we could start a walk to Fallen Rocks from here.


It was a pleasant evening when we returned.  Rick and Rowan had been on a boat trip, so we decided to stretch our legs before heading home for food.  We left the car in the free car park and walked down a wide track which led to a gate.


Once through the gate, we found ourselves on a tree lined, gravel path with no one in sight.  The furry pair relished a good run around, honing their sniffing skills in undergrowth, and Rowan certainly enjoyed the blackberries we found along the way.


The route to Fallen Rocks was straightforward – the path we were on would lead us there after about a mile and a half.  But, as we strolled along, we noticed that there a little track off to our left, just asking to be explored.  We crept through the trees we were met with a view across the sea to mainland Scotland.

After sitting down relaxing for a while, we made our way back to the main track where Rowan found some rock slabs to practise his Spiderman climbing.


When Rowan was happy with his Spidey skills level, we continued along until the path narrowed and the trees to our left gave way to purple flowers, rock slabs and the Firth of Clyde.  We kept our eye out for seals, or maybe even a whale or basking shark, but we didn’t spot any.  We did find a big hairy, possibly hungry, caterpillar though.

We passed by a fascinating, pebble encrusted rock face to find ourselves on a small stony beach.


All around were large boulders, fallen from the cliffs above.  We had reached Fallen Rocks and there was lots to explore.  Some of the boulders were huge with deep fissures big enough for Rick, Rowan and the dogs to hide in and other jutted out of the sea like huge stepping stones.


I loved all the different shapes and colours, and particularly the rock that looked like a boat (can you spot it?).  And there was no shortage to climbing and scrambling for Rowan.

Rocky and Pebble enjoyed it just as much as we did – there were lots of smells for them to discover.


And Pebble did her own interpretation of Where’s Wally?  Pinpoint Pebble.


After looking out to sea from a sofa rock for a time, we decided it was time to head back to get some tea – the path back affording us views of the mountain ridges beyond.  All in all, we walked just under three miles on easy paths.  If you fancy exploring Fallen Rocks, you can find our route here.




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