Trevaunance Cove – Encounters with Bats

This is the last of my posts about our holiday in Cornwall, but I couldn’t leave out the beautiful little cove at the bottom of the road where we were staying in St Agnes.

We found ourselves here a number of evenings and one drizzly afternoon. The cove itself is surrounded by high cliffs, at the top of which is the South West Coastal Path, but for each visit, we satisfied ourselves with exploring what the beach had to offer.

There were rock pools to investigate and stones to collect (stones will always be a favourite for our family I think).


The small stream running down the beach provided a source of much laughter as we tried to jump across without getting wet feet (sometimes more successfully than others). One evening, Rowan had the bright idea of building a bridge across the stream using the larger rocks on the beach – cue soggy shoes for Rick whilst helping him with that one.


I had chance to have a play with my camera whilst watching a glorious sunset.


Caves are always exciting places to explore, but at night, it becomes a bit more exciting. Rowan soon found that the smugglers and pirates had been at this cave too, with x marking the spot for a bit more treasure, but it was when we ventured further inside that it became more magical.


Shining the torch about, we started to notice movement and quickly realised it was the jittery fluttering of bats. There were bats in the cave! It was a fabulous experience for all of us, and it also means that Rowan could tick off one of the items in the brilliant book his Uncle Steve bought him – the National Trust’s Night-time Adventure Notebook.


It just goes to show that you don’t necessarily have to have beautiful weather to have fun on the beach, nor a walk or objective in mind to enjoy the outdoors. You make your own fun and it’s all around you just waiting to be had. And if you’d like to find out a bit more about bats or report any sightings, you can have a look here.

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